Re: Do Girls Like Guys With LONG HAIR?

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Posted by Lucio (other posts) on July 22, 2016 at 08:01:05 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Do Girls Like Guys With LONG HAIR? posted by elektros on May 23, 2016 at 17:41:06:

: There are a similar percentage of girls that like long hair on guys to the percentage of guys that actually have long hair.

That is actually a very appropriate remark. That would translate in an equal and fare quota of soul mates, compared to short-haired candidates (I mean, for those longhairs with heterosexual preference).

: Not only that, but I think that for a lot of people hair length is not the determining factor.

My girlfriend is definitely leaning towards longhairs, that was actually one of the few things that interested her in the first place first time we met.
That said, when I point out to her other longhair men in public places or in magazines saying "Hey, I've got an eye-candy for you!", I am surprised to hear back so often "Yes, he's longhair, but actually NOT my type".

There are individual preferences as for which hair goes with which face shape, body shape, facial expression, wearing beard or not, etc. For instance, I know that each other thing being equal, I would score even more points with her eyes if I was Asian type. And I loose points when I am not smiling.

On the other hand, her first boyfriend had very few hair on the scalp... and though she would be still with him, if it was not for other, unrelated circumstances.

The bottom line is that when it comes to love and affection, even if the hair length appear in the check-list, it does not (should not?) reach the top positions anyway.

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