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Posted by BruceJ (other posts) on September 22, 2016 at 07:36:04 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Need some encouragement brothers. posted by Trolleypup on September 19, 2016 at 20:03:51:

Great advice Trolleypup!

Don't go for a suit and tie, a button down or polo shirt will do.


: Disclaimer first: in San Francisco, over 50, very long somewhat wavy hair, probably up 90% of the time I am out.

: : I been a longhair for roughly 3 years now. Hair is down to about my upper chest region.

: : Well brothers, I have to say this has been difficult. 90% of the time I keep my hair up, when I go around town and do my daily tasks. Go to work, etc.

: Nothing wrong with keeping your hair up, more protective, safer (esp if you work with machinery), more controlled...and leads to easier hair care and better growth.

: : On the days I wear my hair down, I am treated 100% different. I get looks of scorn. People are afraid of me. People avoid eye contact. Now I usually keep my hair up most of the time, everyday, for the past several months.

: OK, so when your hair is up, you present very differently...

: : But on days I try to be "me" - Well; let the festivities stop. I'm treated more like a scoungrel, a bum, someone to avoid when the hair is down. Perhaps I should trim it. Not sure.

: Or consider the style when it is down.

: : When my hair is down, I look like a hells angels biker, or something. When it's up, I look like an Elvis presley, or Paul newman kinda guy.

: So, the project will be to try to find a style with it down, or partly down, or something that looks sleeker or differently polished than Hells Angel.

: : And now I'll talk about the ladies. With my hair up and tied back, I get significant positive response to them. When my hair is down. Forget it. I'm invisible and must be avoided. heh.

: Possibly, see above. My best responses are hair down (not necessarily perfect, looking a bit scroungy...if you take best response as getting whistled at. Dressed better with down and preened is better than hair up. Mountain man facial hair is a minus.

: : So brothers, truth is, I havn't really been having my hair down now for a long time, and I am wondering if I really am a "Long hair" on the inside. Perhaps I am not. Perhaps on the inside, I'm really a clean cut guy.

: Clean cut, or simply a more polished look is not necessarily incompatible with long hair. It is how you wear your long hair, how you present yourself when your hair is down.

: : Anyway needless to say it's been pretty difficult to maintain that longhair persona that I believe i am on the inside. Or do I believe I am that persona? It's hard to say. Lot of my idols are rock musicians fromt he 60's 70's and 80's. I had my hair long as a kid. The stigma wasn't that bad in the 90.s

: : Being a male in my 30's, and walking through the store with my hair down, I'm treated like a complete outcast. A weirdo and a freak. Truth is I am kind of tired of feeling this way. It drains me energy to feel like a threat to people I'm around.

: : Unfortunately I live in a city where alternative lifestyles aren't very encouraged. I live in an area where everyone are clean cut blue collar types. Lots of military. It's rough to be a long hair in this area.

: : Need some words of encouragement and help. Some day I plan on moving to Los Angeles or another town where alternative lifestyles are more prevalent. But for now I keep my hair up. Any tips brothers?

: If you pass, when your hair is up, then no shame in protective coloration, especially if you plan on moving to a better place.

: It would be interesting to see pictures of you with the hair up and down. And probably be better able to make suggestions.

: Anyway, good growing. The hair is for you, not the people around you.

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