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Posted by elektros (other posts) on January 24, 2017 at 13:11:12 Previous Next

In Reply to: Research posted by Alan on January 19, 2017 at 17:14:51:

: Hi guys! I'm a 14 year old long hair doing my social studies fair project on "Guys who have grown out their hair experiences."
: I'm asking for 3 people to list how the people around them reacted to there hair. I only got abuse and wonder how it went for other people. I need this fairly soon, with in a month. Thanks in advance
: -Alan

I guess my wife doesn't count, because I had long hair when we met. Even she talks about trims, or tying it back more often.

My mother always nagged me over my hair, as I started growing it out at 15. I initially assumed it was because she objected to guys with long hair, but I later realised that wasn't it atall, or at least not the main reason. She seems to be OK with shoulder length hair, but no longer. That of course is how long her own hair is. It seems that growing up around WW2 long hair on women was even officially denigrated in the UK, because of bizarre fears that women working in munitions factories would have accidents caused by their hair. At the same time, girls in school who dared to grow really long hair were teased as 'nitty Noras', i.e. if they had long hair it must be infested. These views still affect her today, I think. She is 87.

My father, OTOH, has never expressed his opinion even once. My mother said he didn't like my long hair, but he has never said anything to me. He did once share an anecdote. He has a friend whose son has green hair, and they discussed whether we would ever change and decided it was unlikely.

We have two adult children. My son has long hair, but invariably in a ponytail, and he is obsessive about being clean shaven, whereas I have a beard.

My daughter's hair varies between shoulder length and somewhat longer, and has told me she will never date anyone with a beard. I know we weren't discussing beards, but I think it's all part of the picture.

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