Re: Job Discrimination for Men With Long Hair

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Posted by sj (other posts) on February 21, 2017 at 20:20:32 Previous Next

In Reply to: Job Discrimination for Men With Long Hair posted by Invictus66 on February 21, 2017 at 03:09:15:

: Hi all, I'm doing a social research project in English at my college over job discrimination for men with long hair. I'd like to add in some personal experiences to make my project more effective but I *don't think* I've not gotten a job strictly because of my hair. Unfortunately, employers are often very strict and I would argue sometimes sexist when it comes to gender appearances, and hair is often a silly deal breaker. Does anybody have any personal stories, feelings, experiences, etc. related to the matter that you wouldn't mind sharing?

The issue that irks me most about it is that there is no gender equality in it. Women whine about all the roadblocks in their business lives, but they are wholly protected. They can wear any hairstyle including typically so called male styles. They can wear any clothing style, including what is absolutely crossdressing as a man. They can wear any jewelry. Any shoes, and obscure their true appearances with any amount of makeup. These were hard fought battles to do as they please totally. Men once all had longer hair styles and beards, and frock coats and wore wigs and makeup. But somewhere along the way the clone squad decided that a Man is a certain being of very definite parameters of self expression. Ellen wears a suit and a near buzz cut on tv. But if a man has long hair and is on tv, it is a point of fascination and discussion, about which it seems every one is allowed to have a value judgment and express it. To do that with a woman would get you beaten to death. So, I am really sick and tired of anyone who judges me, or tries to tell me how to manage something that actually emanates naturally from my own body. It is just no one's business and it should be illegal to discriminate on the basis of having it. SJ

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