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Posted by Darrin (other posts) on March 12, 2017 at 13:41:49 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Terminal Length posted by Viking on March 10, 2017 at 06:41:55:

: Last year, at calf length, I decided enough was enough and cut about 2ft off. I hadn't reached terminal, as it was still growing, but it was just getting too long to be practical for me.

: It's currently below butt length and I think that's probably about as long as I'll let it grow now.

: Some people seem to be able to grow their hair very long while others struggle to get it much beyond collar length. Personally, I think there are a number of factors involved a) genetics, b) treatment and c) protection. I come from a family of long-hairs - at least on the female side - so I'd say I've got the good genes for strong hair and a long growth period. If possible, I only wash my hair once a week, but sometimes you can't avoid washing it more frequently, and I also use a good conditioner and I coat it with jojoba oil after washing. I don't think I could have grown my hair anywhere near the length I achieved without taking good care of it. Most of the time, I wear it in a braid or a bun and only tend to let it loose on special occasions. I found that if I left it loose or wore it in a tail, I ended up with a knot at the nape of my neck within a couple of hours.

: If your goal is to grow your hair as long as possible, I'd say look after it and don't cut it. We all get split ends from time to time, but the best way to take care of them is to spend some quality time with your hair and a pair of scissors and snip off the individual hairs rather than losing month's growth all over for the sake of a few strands.

My trusted stylist accidentally trimmed too much during my last trim. She had been trimming my hair for 11 years, so I was surprised. I have decided to just let it grow for now, with no trims. I believe my terminal length is longer than normal.

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