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Posted by Dan the Man (other posts) on March 13, 2017 at 17:53:28 Previous Next

In Reply to: Comparison between1967 and 1977 posted by Josh on December 23, 2016 at 20:25:45:

: Take a look:

: like night and day!

: : Not really. This is coming from a guy who had long hair in the '70s. That decade was an interesting one for hair fashion. A lot more women wore very long hair back then. But in spite of the old photos you may run across, the social stigma associated with long haired males was much greater then. I had a client for a service job I had then cancel his account because they sent out a hippy longhair. The cooler people were OK with it, but most people seemed very disdainful of it.

: : I found the general acceptance of long hair much better from about the '90s on. You have more people who've grown up around long haired males, I think. While not the norm, long hair guys are a social niche these days and seem to have a place in the world. We really didn't in the '70s.

Ah, 1977, the year I graduated high school. Most guys had hair my length, that is, as long as my Mom would allow. A few had very long hair. I'm shooting for "very long" now.

I still remember my Mom's firm parameters: in front, not in the eyes. at the sides, not below my earlobes. In the back, not longer than just touching my collar. Those parameters plus my thick hair resulted in the amorphous mop you see on a lot of guys in the 1977 picture. It seems a lot of moms were colluding together on this.

At age 56 I made a new years resolution to break free of that. And yes, my Mom is still alive, and yes, I have far exceeded all of her parameters, and yes, she hates it!

Too bad, Mom.

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