Re: Job Discrimination for Men With Long Hair

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Posted by Bob (other posts) on March 24, 2017 at 12:18:32 Previous Next

In Reply to: Job Discrimination for Men With Long Hair posted by Invictus66 on February 21, 2017 at 03:09:15:

: Hi all, I'm doing a social research project in English at my college over job discrimination for men with long hair. I'd like to add in some personal experiences to make my project more effective but I *don't think* I've not gotten a job strictly because of my hair. Unfortunately, employers are often very strict and I would argue sometimes sexist when it comes to gender appearances, and hair is often a silly deal breaker. Does anybody have any personal stories, feelings, experiences, etc. related to the matter that you wouldn't mind sharing?

I'm 58 had long hair since about 1970-71 (over the years, above the shoulders to about 4-5" past), and thankfully I always had a job since I was 15. And I had quiet a few jobs - grocery, warehouse, retail, since 1980 Information Technology, and -- I'm an IT Manager !!

Now like others have said in this post --- Long hair is not much of a big deal as say in the 70's in hiring. A few years back I was looking around for work, looking or more $$, which I got at current job, had interviews, and -- was offered jobs. I see many guys with long hair in grocery, retail, etc. even male/female with tattoos that are visible.

There will always be employers that "judge a book by it's cover", whether --- hair - short, long, facial hair, too skinny, too fat, your race, your gender, you smell like tobacco.

For me --- whenever I went on interviews - all those years ago and a few years back --- I wear a suit, hair goes in a ponytail (so they are not focused on my hair, but my face). And all interviews went well, people I interviewed with were friendly, etc.

Now --- of course I interviewed with numerous jobs in the past and not offered jobs for all, why ?? I never thought about hair, would not loose sleep thinking about it.


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