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Posted by W-G (other posts) on April 22, 2017 at 05:36:34 Previous Next

Here's how I looked like before I cut my hair. I have joined the legion of normal guys. *Cries* - I actually had a big break-up with my ex, and it was more of an compulsive act. That, and I had been thinking about it for years.

In some ways it has been a spiritual cleansing. I cannot really explain to you how but I will say it like this.

When dwelling in the city, I am somewhat a bit more at ease. I do not feel the constant tension I once had, but it comes and goes. It just depends on where I am at, and what I am doing. I fill I am still spiritually adjusted to long hair.


when I had my long hair. I used to derive my energy from nature. It's hard to explain but, weekly or so, I had to retreat to the outskirts of town to re-energize for a while. It seems like, I couldn't get my energy unless I was on the outskirts of town.

Now I don't really benefit from it like I used to. There are spots that I used to drive to, and, I don't feel that calm or peace I once did so it's been a bit strange. Something I'm working on.

Cut hair.)

A strange thing is now that my hair is cut, I can get energy and peace from sitting next to a tree. When my hair was long, I had to retreat to the wilderness for it. Now I don't have to as much.

Normalcy | - Life has become more normalized and calm in general. I do not have that great spiritual tuition and protection that I once had from my long hair. There were times, when I had my long hair, that I felt completely powerful. It's hard to explain. They say long hair is a type of spiritual receptor and you absorb that energy.

It definitely kept the detractors. I have been more self concious in some ways, but more accepted by society. It's hard to explain. I still have undeveloped social skills.

all in all, not much has changed. I just lost a spiritual barrier of sorts.

I do plan to regrow it some day. I miss it but I also am enjoying being able to be at peace and emerged with society. In a strange way having cut hair has changed me in a lot of ways.

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