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Posted by Anthony (other posts) on May 09, 2017 at 06:31:01 Previous Next

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Reposting: I have still to master html! :)

I think the notions of left and right wing are going out of fashion, and that political ideology seems to be more or less for globalism, nationalism or populism. Here are my reflections on the recent French election - Le lendemain…

I am concerned about the rights of workers in a capitalist regime as is that of "champagne socialism" or the newly elected Macron. I would support a regime that would favour small businesses and self-employment, initiative and creativity. In this way, people prepared to do a good day's work would not be penalised, and not only the big corporations would win out. That gives me some socialist characteristics, but also conservative (English) and libertarian.

I am also concerned about culture and the limits of what a western country (N. America, Europe and Australia) can accept. We are fundamentally Judeo-Christian with Enlightenment values. I am glad Le Pen didn't win because she would have been nationalist and socialist, not necessarily with the trappings of Nazism and Hitler, but a strong statism and relativising of the person. Such nationalism is not without danger, as the Americans are finding with Mr Trump. I am sceptical about Macron (I wouldn't have voted for him had I been a voter in France) because he seems to represent the interests of billionaires and big business before the people.

So, me with long hair? I went along with the 1960's "thing" for a while, but I was only 11 in 1970. I became culturally very "classical" in my musical and other tastes, yet I have the attitudes of life often shared by people with Aspergers syndrome. I am fundamentally a rebel. I decided to stop cutting my hair at the age of 54. If I identify with any collective tendency, it would be with the Romantics of the early 19th century.

People might think that I look leftish, and I leave them to think what they want. I do have beliefs and convictions, and am always ready to discuss them, because the finality of politics must be the common good and commonly accepted standards of human rights.

That's my two cents in this thread.


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