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Posted by Native Carolinian (other posts) on September 09, 2017 at 13:14:53 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Another Pic posted by Joe on September 09, 2017 at 08:54:44:

: Thank you for advice on biotin and compliment, Native Carolinian, it's definitely a rarity to receive one. I might experiment with biotin and see where it goes.

: The interview went well and landed the job. Working as a groundskeeper at a golf course. It's seasonal, feels good to be working again. Since I haven't had a on the books work since 2015.

: The job is mostly composed of guys and one girl. All the dudes had short hair. There were the usual tease about looking like a girl and stuff. IMO, who cares, finished the second week and nobody seems to care anymore. I think most golf courses prefer guys with short hair.

: So far, haven't seen any long hair golfers or workers.

: I have to deal with psoriasis, only around the scalp area. It's a pain in the ass, at least it isn't in other parts of the body.

: Are you Native American? What tribe are you from?

: The Native American were a great inspiration when starting the long hair journey. Glad I stuck with it.

Joe, I am glad you got the job. I am also glad they were relaxed with the hair. Sorry to hear about the psoriasis, maybe the biotin can help that too. I am glad what I said can be a help to you.

I am Native American. I am not enrolled. My first language is not English. My first languages are a not widely spoken Algonquian language and a very conservative version (read as very pure) of the Otali dialect of Cherokee. I am also fluent in Mvskoke (Muskogee Creek) and the dialect of Mvskoke that I speak still uses the male speech form for men and the female speech form for women. I am also Catawba and Cusabo/Mainland Taino (brethren of the Taino from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean).

Cherokee are Iroquois, Mvskoke are a mix of Mvskoke and Itza Maya, Catawba are Eastern Sioux, Taino are an Arawak people.
Of course I am also Algonquian. Cherokee language is between 3,600-3,900 years old. Mvskoke language is 3,000 years old. At some point after the Mvskoke language separated from the parent language the Itza Maya arrived and integrated into Mvskoke culture and added linguistically and culturally to the original Mvskoke linguistic and cultural base.

The Algonquian language I speak is 1,700-1,900 years old. Catawba language is being relearned, and is 4,000 years old. Taino is no longer spoken, but is being reconstructed from vocabulary and traces of grammar. The Taino culture is being revived in Puerto Rico right now and people there are beginning to take it more seriously.

I have a trickle of European genes in there, but linguistically and culturally I am pretty much in the traditional culture lane and not assimilated. So, yes, I am Native American, just not in a treaty relationship to the U.S. Federal Government.

I am curious what Native American cultures and what about them you found inspirational when you were first growing out your hair?

Hope to hear back from you. I am enjoying reading your replies.

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