Re: Can someone with curly hair post on this website?

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Posted by Raymond (other posts) on September 13, 2017 at 06:36:58 Previous Next

In Reply to: Can someone with curly hair post on this website? [PIC] posted by Grant Sander on September 13, 2017 at 03:10:04:

There has always been something majestic and powerful about a man with lovely flowing locks. I've always fantasized about having a long, dark and thick braid of hair that would flow down my back like a true warrior of olden time. I feel inspired by all the brave long haired men who frequent this website and wish to join your ranks. My question is can I still post my hair updates here even though I don't exactly fit the ideal Men's Long Hair Hyper Board image?

Hey Grant Sander!

Welcome to the tribe, bro!

You are one of us!

There is something majestic about having a large head of curls. In earlier centuries until recently it was a symbol of nobility and wealth for a man to have long hair. If you must have the time to care for it. You must live in a situation where you are not living on a dirt floor and with the animals so you are not getting lice in your hair. If you live in a colder clime then you are a warrior who can wear a helmet and you are not putting cold metal on a bald scalp.
It is a testament to your inner fortitude and self-confidence. Most of us have had to pay some price like this for our long hair. This also shows that you are a born log hair; you are growing your hair out because it is part of who you are. You are not growing out your hair because of style or because you want to be accepted by a certain group. If you were growing your hair out because of style or to be accepted by a certain group then you could cut your hair tomorrow if the style changes or the whims of the group changes. This is not you. Your hair is part of who you are, therefore, for you to cut it would be like cutting off part of yourself.

Celebrate your big curly mane and keep growing it out. Celebrate your hair each time you shake your head and feel your curly hair brushing across your shoulders and back.

I would add a word of practical consideration. When you are in a theater situation remember those who are sitting behind you and that their view might be hampered because of your hair. Consider sitting on the edge of the aisle. We long haired guys are chivalrous and courteous; we have class and dignity; we are majestic, sovereign, and regal.

Please keep growing out your hair and posting updates on this board, you are now part of us.

Your hair looks beautiful, gorgeous. Hold your head up with majestic dignity and stately bearing.

Welcome to the family, bro.

Your long haired bro,


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