Some Spiritual and Energetic Difference in being a Longhair.

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Posted by Wade Garret (other posts) on December 25, 2017 at 14:53:54 Previous Next

Just some ramblings here. Basically, I had my hair long for 4 years. I cut it in Jan 2016. What followed was a strange perception of energy.

One of the major feelings that I felt, was I felt "spiritually naked" I had less intution. I couldn't pick up on vibes as much as I normally can. For instance, with long hair, I could pick up on the energy of an entire city or region etc.

When I was clean cut, I basically had no intuition. I also felt more hypersexual. This one I don't really understand. I guess I was more "Sexually acceptable" to women in general. I vibed more with the attractive women I went near.

With long hair, I have to be careful where I look. In a sense that, If I stare at people too long they get offended. From the years of 2014-2016, I walked a certain trailer (2 years) every so often. I was drawn to this trail by the lake, and other places like it for the years I had my long hair.

When there I would get complete calm and peace.

After I cut my hair, going to those places, I didn't feel it anymore. They say that hair is sort of an Antennae for perception I suppose. It receives different frequencies. I suppose this is true. Recently I've grown my hair out long-ish again, and I am starting to pick up on those "vibes" once again. Those calm vibes.

Whereas, if I had my hair short I wouldn't be able to "read" the calmness.

Hard to explain.

My energy levels fluctuate. I guess you could say I was more physically active with short hair. It's sort of like an entire body of energy. I notice my psyche and subconcious is more directed to wordly things.

Long hair I tend to keep my psyche and subconcious directed towards spiritual growth etc.

Hope some of this make sense

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