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Posted by Anthony (other posts) on January 07, 2018 at 09:41:09 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Interested in growing my hair posted by Raymond on January 06, 2018 at 07:05:41:

Dear Fr Raymond,

I enjoyed your reflections, and my own experience bears it out. It is instinct for many of us. Whether long hair confers "special powers" I am sceptical, but it is a powerful symbol for those of us who have long hair. It will not mean the same thing to other people as it means to us. This is our main difference from the world of fashion and social conformity. I have reached the stage where cutting my hair would be something detrimental and degrading.

Most of us know about terminal length, and some of us will reach it sooner than others. It's just how we are. Some get as long as 7 years, and others only get 5 years of growth. As I have said before, I am very happy to be able to tip my head back and tickle the bottom of my back with the tips of my longest hairs. I might get more. Who knows? I have passed the four-year mark.

It can't be easy for a youngster with conservative parents. It was the case for me. The last time I saw my father, he took a bunch of my hair in his hand and gently tugged it, asking "What's this?" We have to understand someone who was born in 1928, went to English public school, served in the Army for two years before going to university, getting married and having his kids in the 1950's. I just asked him gently "What does it look like?" - he laughed. I don't expect him to find it normal, but he and I understand each other.

You make a good point about long hair on men being normal before the mid 19th century when the cult of Victorian masculinity came in (short hair and facial hair). A man who is himself and free has long hair. That is as true today as 300 years ago.

I remember my own awkward stage and the remarks from my wife, and MLHH (she calls it "The Cult" because she thinks she knows all about human hair) has been a good reality check for me. We are a minority, and care nothing for fashion and conformity even when we have a healthy social life with family, friends and people at work. My routine is simple, daily brushing and weekly washing with shampoo and conditioner followed by natural drying without using a hair dryer.

I wear my hair loose nearly all the time, and tie it into a tail for any practical reason or when I need to be in formal dress or clericals. I have never bothered with buns.

Welcome, Avi, and be patient with your parents and the ambient fashions. You might be surprised if you explain things to your parents, assuring them that you won't take drugs or stop your normal hygiene routine.


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