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Posted by Ted (other posts) on January 30, 2018 at 17:33:59 Previous Next

In Reply to: It's been a long time! posted by Ken in SF on January 12, 2018 at 09:14:34:

: Hello Hairy People,

: Quick introduction (for those who don't know or remember me):
: My name is Ken, I'm 64. and I live in San Francisco, California. At one time I used to be one of the Moderators here (from '04 - '07, if I'm remembering correctly), during the time that Bill Choisser was the Chief Tech guy, Justin was the President of MLHH, and several of our current Moderators were also my fellow Longhairs-in-Crim (LOL)....

: I also had the handle, "Longhaired Urban Cowboy" for quite awhile (before I decided to give myself the more boring name of "Ken in SF" - ROFL!!!)

: Anywhoo, I still have long hair, has been at terminal length for many years, my last short haircut being on the first day of summer in Y2K. I recently asked my partner to please trim a few inches off the bottom, which I'm actually enjoying quite a bit right now, -- even though I miss saying that my hair is "belt-length" (it now only goes down to my lower back, but at least feels thicker & smoother, with definitely less split ends.

: I think my silly long hair website still works -- although my old email address dos NOT....
: (Which explains why I have to use a new email address at my work desk, since I have a broken computer at home... long boring story not worth narrating!)

: "Why have you been so absent from MLHH, Ken?" you might ask. Well, unfortunately I've become a casualty of obsessing over watching too much News on TV, especially trying to make some sense out of all of the recent American political craziness from the past couple of years; but, rather than me go on & on about my least favorite U S President that now occupies the Oval Office (an understatement!), I'll just say: I need a BIG BREAK from listening to all of that CRAP!!!!!

: Thank you for taking the time to read my long-winded intro, and your patience with hearing my soapbox (LOL), -- and to Mark Hairball: I will try to call you back sometime this weekend!

: "Onward & Downward!"

: Long Lox 4 ever,
: Ken

Hi again Ken,
So nice to hear from you again! Glad you're doing fine and keeping busy! About that broken computer...wish I was there so I could fix it or get you up and running again. But about politics...well, I won't go there! I don't really like to discuss politics with people. Although like you, I love(?) watching all the news channels and listening to talk radio. I guess I just like to hear all the different viewpoints.

About me: well, I cut my hair again this past October like a dummy. So now I'm finally showing some length again. But a far cry from where I was! Will I ever learn? I sure hope I have! I can't wait to get to the 2 year mark again! I'm still going to dialysis 3 times per week. They took me off the transplant list because my heart is too weak for the operation. So hopefully I can improve that situation. I haven't been in the hospital for a good while now(knocks on wood). I haven't felt sick in a good while either(knocking on wood again). So life is good as it always is!

but I would love to see a pic of your hair how it looks now! I just love your hair color and your handsome face! I wonder if I could get you to oblige me? Heck, I might even post a current pic of my ugly mug and short hair! Anyway, please be good to youself my friend and take care!


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