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Posted by Ted (other posts) on April 26, 2018 at 01:32:25 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: On My Way Back!-6 Months Progress posted by Just Carol on April 23, 2018 at 18:57:21:

: I really need to check in here more, I'm missing all the reunions of the old-timers.

: Well, Ted, you are certainly inching your way back to your former length. Keep it going! I perused back through older posts, saw where you mentioned 8 years of dialysis. That's a lot of dialysis treatments, since you go 3 times a week. It's enabled you to live a somewhat normal life - if you consider being tethered to a machine for several hours of the day, several days out of the week 'normal'. But you had 8 years you wouldn't have without dialysis. Or a transplant, which are hard to get. Also saw you asking about my avatar, yes it's recent. Really needed a new one.

: As you know, last year was my post-detox off opiate pain meds year. Unfortunately, this year is my detox off of proton-pump inhibitors (PPI's). Should never have been put on this stupid med, I had no medical need for it. But I was on NSAIDS's, and the manufacturer pushed using PPI's as a prophylactic to protect against ulcers from NSAID use. I have long ago stopped NSAID use, but got horrible acid reflux whenever I tried stopping this PPI. Fast forward to my learning that stopping PPI's causes Rebound Acid Hypersecretion, you are literally dependent/addicted to this stuff. It makes me mad, especially because the maker of the one I was put on, was sued by the FDA and heavily fined (5 million $$$'s) last year, for pushing unapproved off-label use. What was one of those unapproved off0-label uses? Why the reason I was prescribed it. They lied to my doctor, to many doctors, to push their poison for profit. I am furious. And absolutely miserable trying to wean myself off this poison. Lawyers are already circling, possible class-action - have talked to a few.

: I've dealt with constant headaches, lightheadedness & dizziness. Disrupted sleep, acid reflux cough, etc, etc, etc. I've spent several hundred $$$'s on the supplements and alternate meds I need to detox off of a med I never needed! I've found literally dozens of people posting on health boards about trying to get off PPI's. Mostly because off fears over side effects such as kidney failure, heart attacks, brain damage, etc. Some are physically dependent, like me, and have been able to wean themselves off gradually. Others were popping PPI's in high doses, and now found they can't reduce the amount, let alone stop, because they are addicted. People taking 4 times the amount I was.

: I have cut my dose in half, and gradually am feeling better. And from now on, I am not taking anything that is not medically necessary. I don't care why a doctor thinks I should be on it. This whole mess has kept me away from so much, and affected my quality of life. Thought I was over this the end of last year, after getting through the post opiate PAWS. So, yeah, it kept me away from here. And it could take another 6 months or more to get off this poison. I never had acid reflux anything, until I tried to stop the PPI. I'm determined to get off this stuff this year.

: Keep that hair growing & flowing! Before you know it, it'll be long enough to tail, braid & bun it.

Hi Carol,
Wow! What a lengthy and thoughtful post! I would agree you need to check in more often also! But I'm glad I made you come out of the woodwork! Yes, I will get back to my former glory! It just seems like my hair is growing slower than it has in the past. As long as it keeps growing I'll be happy. I am thankful for dialysis even though it can be rough at times. August 2018 I will have been on dialysis for 8 years. The docs took me off the transplant list because of my weak heart. I am working on getting back on the list now though. My heart has miraculously improved greatly and I thank the Good Lord above for that. I'm convinced he has kept me going for a reason!

I am dismayed to read of your fight with the meds! Sometimes I think docs throw a med at an issue without really trying to figure things out. And the patient ends up hurting worse for it. I sure hope you can get some sort of compensation for your distress! It is very good to know you are reducing the dose and only taking meds you know are absolutely necessary. Unfortunately the companies are more interested in profit than anything. I will be keeping you in my prayers for a successful detox of your body! But you look fantastic in your avatar photo! As a dialysis patient, I understand what quality of life means. We all deserve quality of life! May you get it and keep it my friend!

Thanks again for the reply! Please stay well my friend and never ever give up!

Stay close, Ted

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