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Posted by The Kid (other posts) on May 27, 2018 at 17:02:49 Previous Next

In Reply to: Hair care products for brother Raymond [PIC] posted by The Kid on May 27, 2018 at 15:57:10:

: I took a nice picture for u of the various products I'm using over a month now and hopefully the clarity is good since it is scaled. I started growing my hair out back in 2000 and never cut most of it but it didn't get beyond the tops of my shoulders and for years I just figured I was going bald like my dad and now my younger brother. However what was called by other people as balding never got any worse over 18 years...it was damaged looking and thin which I now am thinking is part of a thyroid problem which was accidentally found 2 years ago. My scalp just isn't producing enough sebum to keep my hair moisturized and it had been breaking in my hands every time I touched it.

: So with the help of some people on this forum (Poppa Bill Choisser and Cousin Carol) I was able to stop the breakage pattern 2 weeks ago. Now my hair is getting the moisture it wants and not breaking by my hands, hairbrush, or washings/conditionings anymore. I don't try to use the same products each day and the clarifier shampoo only gets used about once a month and I'm following that up with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle which I usually use once a week. The Aussie conditioner is very thick stuff and I like it as it can hold my hair on top of my head without using a hair band in the shower.

: Some of these haircare products are VERY expensive and some are cheap DIY solutions. For instance-that coconut oil in the white tub on the right I found in the baker's isle. Coconut oil turns from a white solid to a clear liquid (the liquid in the jar to the left) under 76 degrees F. What I did was mix about 4 tablespoons of the coconut oil liquid with enough water to fill that spray bottle in between the 2 coconut oil jars for a nice leave in conditioner which hasn't reverted back to solid. And be aware that the OGX Argan oil is not a pure oil and has fragrance mixed in which I don't like and am hoping the fragrance can be covered over by mixing it with coconut oil. The jojoba oil has no smell if it is pure like I bought.

: The pills-most people probably don't need hair vitamins but my body cannot produce sebum on it's own anymore and needs help. Hopefully these vitamins will work as I also have brittle nails and dry skin. Nature's Bounty makes these pills which I got off Amazon and 1 reviewer claimed they are getting their hair back after chemo and attributed it to these and plenty of other people gave them rave reviews. Carol recommended 1000 mg of MSM. I had been taking glucosamine for a bad knee joint and some of those supplements (like the one pictured) have MSM included. So that's what I bought to minimize all the supplements I'm taking which are many.

: Everyday I do something different. That clarifier shampoo basically strips all the oils off your head so u need to follow that up with a lot of conditioning things. So yesterday I did a clarifying shampoo followed by that 3 Minute Miracle wash out conditioner. Then I massaged that ORS Hair Repair cream into my hair followed by a lot of the Aussie Hair Insurance leave in conditioner and let it air dry. In the morning I followed it up with that DIY coconut oil/water spray. Tonight I'm just gonna do a water wash for my hair followed by that Shea Moisture Argon Conditioner and some jojoba oil for a leave in moisturizer. Tomorrow something totally different-there's a lot to choose from!

: I hope u find this helpful!

: Marty

I made a mistake-coconut oil changes from white solid to clear liquid when temperatures are over 76 degrees F. I keep the baking stuff in the refrigerator and the hair jar is at room temperature. To get liquid coconut oil to turn to liquid, float the smaller coconut oil container in hot water.


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