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Posted by BlueBeard (other posts) on February 26, 2019 at 16:32:04 Previous Next

In Reply to: Losing my Hair ! posted by Glinka on February 26, 2019 at 07:51:11:

: Hello long lost supporters
: I have not posted in about 15 years. Iím currently contemplating growing my mane back. This time is the problem of losing my hair in back of my head. Any suggest on how to deter hair loss ?

Where are you on the 6 stages in the picture attached? I'm at stage 3 and have been for years. I am seeing small baby hairs in the bald areas but my understanding is that these small baby hairs won't survive on a head where DHT is being produced on the head because this is what makes hair follicles on the scalp stop making hair.

I came across the attached site a while ago and then a couple of weeks ago Jin posted the attached link from this same site and I started applying these tips and some of the others on other pages. Nettle tea (step 6) blocks DHT on the scalp but the most important thing they say is to stop putting chemicals on your head and go with natural cleansers like diluted apple cider vinegar once or twice a week and then herbal tea rinses in between.

Other sites are saying that the scalp should have a pH of 5 so you should be putting things on your scalp between 5 and 7 because scalp problems thrive when the pH is too high. You don't want to burn away baby hairs either so don't let the pH get too low. I had pH strips in the house and now test everything going on my head.

A scalp peel is also mentioned. I did this and with that salicylic acid (willow tree bark) and used 2.5%. It didn't peel like I thought it would, so maybe 2.5% is too low but it seems to have let a bunch of baby hairs break through. My scalp was itchy till today, so I'm thinking it loosened up all the clogged pour buildup but gradually came off in the shower over the last 2 weeks. Scratching (like in their picture) is bad for the hair. What I did to relieve the itching was rub aloe vera into my scalp every night mixed with castor oil or pumpkin seed oil and a couple drops of peppermint oil.

I've only done this scalp peel once and within 9 days started seeing new hair, but I was at stage 3 in the attached picture and I'm not convinced those new hairs won't just dry up like before so I'm doing the tea rinses with nettle tea. On other pages they also talk about using a dermaroller and another page on that site talks about using magnesium oil spray on days you don't use the dermaroller. I'm also doing those but that magnesium oil makes my skin burn so I wear a long sleeve shirt and put a towel around my neck when I spray it. It is natural, though, from a seabed. After a half hour rub the aloe vera gel mixture into your scalp before bed (wear a dew rag to keep it from getting all over-halfway through the night it gets tossed on the floor to let my hair get some air and in the morning it's all absorbed and my hair is dry).

So, for me hopefully those baby hairs mature and don't just dry up. My thinking is that DHT had built up on my head over the last 15 years and hopefully isn't still being produced in excess.

Hope this helps!


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