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Posted by PhilipZ (other posts) on June 17, 2019 at 13:18:55 Previous Next

In Reply to: Six months in posted by mrzen on May 23, 2019 at 09:18:33:

: Hello gents.
: I've been lurking a while and wanted to make a short introduction.
: I'm someone who's always had short back n sides, obsessed about looking 'sharp' before and after a number of years in the (British) military.
: Almost six months ago I decided to just stop. Starting at a very short SB&S (around 1/2 an inch difference between top and sides), it is now approaching my shirt collar.
: I know it's only around 3.5 inches but it looks very long
: I haven't added a photograph as it doesn't feel long enough to share yet, I want to leave it at least a year.
: I am enjoying growing my hair more and more, at the moment I feel like I never want to cut it again.
: To cut it again would feel like a return to my former self, who always did what was expected.
: I'm not entirely sure if this is silly, or not.
: And I also don't know how much of this is coincidental with my own 'spiritual development', but I feel different. I feel like I accept myself totally, like I don't give a cr4p what anyone else thinks, and because of this I feel more confident, dare I say, more sensual. Basically, more able to be my full, true self.
: From all I have read about men growing their hair out, I can't help but feel it is strongly related.
: I reached the point where I don't want to ever cut my hair again. Why? Because why would I? Why would I alter my natural appearance, and not be in the way God, Nature, or whomever intended?
: Also having long hair is a reminder that I never again want to enter the corporate world. I did six years and have had my fill. I'd rather be a humble carpenter (not saying I am anything like Jesus).
: I notice so many men trapped in "must be acceptable" mode and laugh (at myself), because I used to be like that. For most of my life, actually.
: And it feels damn good not to be like that any more.
: Cheers to my longer-haired brothers

Hi mrzen,
even though you've been lurking: welcome to the board! :) It is interesting to read what your thoughts are. I agree with the spiritual idea. Growing or having long hair makes me feel more connected.

Keep it growing!

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