Re: Oh wow everyone is still here - 180 months of growth! =P [PIC]

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Posted by A.D. (other posts) on January 20, 2020 at 03:33:00 Previous Next

In Reply to: Oh wow everyone is still here - 180 months of growth! =P posted by Joćo David on January 18, 2020 at 18:06:38:

: Hello everyone!
: I just had a nostalgic moment and wanted to come see if the hyperboard was still up - in fact, I sometimes still lurk around here to see the familiar faces, and I'm glad to see a lot of them! Hello to the oldies here, you know who you are! =)
: I joined here when I was 16 years old, I had started growing my hair 8 months ago at the time. Right now, it has been 15 years and 4 months cine I last had a short haircut. It's like a different life and it is so my life. I've had different styles in the meantime though I always kept my hair long.
: My original goal when I joined here (which my hair still short) was knee length. Now I never got to that length however I did get to classic length and then started trimming my hair to get better ends.

: Anyhow, after some cuts here and then (I did go back to just below waist length about 2 years ago I believe), I still have long hair, currently sitting around the middle of my butt. I have this plan of not cutting it at all this year as an attempt to get to classic length again but I will see! My ends are not giving me such a hard time anymore fortunately. I have started oiling my hair a bit more often and it's been easier this way, to avoid trimming. The ends are quite thinner than I would like still, however they are a lot thicker than the last time my hair was this long. So fingers crossed!
: In any case I am much more relaxed about it right now. Even trimming it feels good when I have to, it's refreshing and preparing it to grow longer again.

: I have to say thank you forever to this hyperboard and the people that were here when I was a regular. I felt at home and very welcome in a phase of my life where I was still very insecure. The long hair sure made me feel special in the long run, and is now a trademark of mine that has, among other things, given me work where I use my image, and that says a lot about how confident if makes me feel.
: To the new faces I say: just keep letting it grow if that's what you want and what's going to make you happy. There is not a time when I'm combing my hair that I don't feel immensely proud of my perseverance in taking care of it. To most this is something very shallow and superficial. But especially when it hasn't come to you without effort, there is a reason to be proud and happy <3

: And of course, you can see how it is looking. I uploaded a picture of it to my instagram recently:

: I hope everyone is doing super well and that there has been a lot of personal growth as well as hair growth! And thank you to the moderators for keeping this place alive <3

: Joćo David

Wow, it's great to hear from you again. You are the person who convinced me to grow my hair long, a life long dream of mine. Throughout my journey, I remember trying to compare my progress with yours, regularly referring to your website. Like you, my goal has always been knee length, but now, I'm kinda stuck at waist....which is still pretty good. I'm happy that you have been able to reach classic and that you're trying to reach it again....and possibly even more. I hope I'll be able to reach this milestone also!

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