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Posted by J.M.M. (other posts) on January 25, 2020 at 11:10:57 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Nice Hair and I Know Nea Makri! posted by doninisrael on January 25, 2020 at 06:48:46:

: Hwy, J.M.M...

: No use worrying how much more length you could have "if only' you did something differently. Looks like your hair is nice, thick, and healthy...a mane to be proud of.

: I was stationed at Hellenikon, Athens (the old Athens airport, south of the city next to Glyfada) when I was in the USN back in the 1980's. I made regular drives up to Nea Makri, because there was a Naval Communication Station there that hosted our personnel detachment. Nice small town! I hope you enjoy living there. How did you end up there? Is it your ancestral home?

: The station was in the north end of town, on the Maraathonos Boulevard. On Google Earth, the area is pixelated, as if there's still something to hide there...interesting!

: As you can see from my screen name, I live in Israel now, in Ashqelon on the Mediterranean coast. Hardly a small town, but it's home!

: No input to offer regarding Marianne Ernst. All the best...

: Don

Hi Don,

Wow, a small world it is. So I have no family history in this town or anywhere in Greece that I am aware of, however the locals say I look like I'm from here (which doesn't hurt).

Glad you like the state of my hair. I agree it's quite good, maybe in a year it can be spectacular. I'm going to trim at midnight during each solstice and equinox. I trimmed the ends at the winter solstice at midnight last and noticed improvement in its look, maybe growth rate too. I bought some seeds, high mineral foods, omega-3 fatty acid foods, foods high in inositol and bought hair, skin and nail vitamin pills. I'm getting out and exercising here and have less stress being in this quieter place.

This may be a surprise to you but my cousin lives in Israel too, in a very religious city called Bet Shemesh. So yes, I was raised in the Jewish faith as well.

I reckon being the only person of Jewish heritage living in Nea Makri today. Tell me Don, what was your life like in Attiki, Greece? How long did you stay here? Did you interact with the locals much? How did you spend your time here? Would you rather be living in Greece, Israel, USA or somewhere else? What is your life like in Ashqelon, Israel? Do you have other family living there with you?

The naval communications station I think was up in the area of Valtos. People told me the K.K.E. (Communists of Greece) threw out the Americans and thus shutting down the base.

What brought me to Greece originally was a girl I was dating. I met her online from a Greek dating site. She has long hair too. I stay in touch with her still. Before living in Nea Makri, I spent my time in Dionysos, to the west in the Penteli Mountains area. It's fun to hike around here. I love being between the mountains and sea here. The wild fruit here is everywhere. I enjoy the carob especially that grows here. It's delicious, nutritious and filling. One can almost live off that stuff alone. I have some friends here I chat and play chess with. I go to Athens for shopping, cultural events, usually to go to heavy metal shows. I will go to glentis at churches and cafes as well for regional folk music.

My first name in Hebrew is Ephraim. In Nea Makri, there is a women's monastery called Agios Ephraim. I visited it and saw the martyred saint's skeleton. It is an unusual circumstance. A nun dreamed of him and his body was discovered. It was thought he was hung by the Turks a ways back.

There is some paranormal stuff I read about in the Penteli Mountain range. I read the U.S. government was doing experiments there and some entrances or caves in the mountains are sealed off. I read of people seeing orbs, glowing lights there, people perishing, cars moving uphill on their own, U.F.O. activity, etc.

I do most of my shopping on Leoforos Marathonos. There and Leoforos Dionysou is the center of town pretty much. There is also the Plateia which could be considered the center of town too. They're close.

Ashqelon is a big place, over 140,000 population. Nea Makri is a town of roughly 17,000 people but spread out over a good distance.

Where in the USA did you live before coming to Israel?

Reply soon,
Jeffrey (J.M.M.)

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