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Posted by Georges (other posts) on October 31, 2020 at 18:03:58 Previous Next

In Reply to: Text for people that tells you should cut your hair posted by Jesus Forain on October 16, 2020 at 07:04:46:


I have long hair since 1979, and I have heard all kinds of strange remarks: Apart from the usual one liners, like "Get a haircut" here are the most interesting ones:

Pop-Psych: Non professionals pretending to be your shrink.

Your keep your hair long, because you are too attached to the past. You need a fresh new start in life, and you should be open to change. That starts with a trip to the salon.

You are narcissistic, you only love yourself, and the length of your hair shows that you do not care, if your hair makes people uncomfortable.

New Age

Change is the only way to raise your vibrations. Your long hair is an example of how you just want to stagnate, rather than go with the flow. Look at the masters of meditation, they all shaved their heads, because hair is ego.

Pseudo intellectuals

You are a walking cliché, you need to change your trite appearance, as to deconstruct that myth, where long hair is a badge of creativity. You can have short hair, and yet still be yourself deep inside.


Your long hair is superficial, it is the inside that counts. By cutting your hair short, you are putting forward your true soul, and yet, you can be a long hair at heart.

These phrases are examples of manipulation by others trying to convince you to change just to please them.

Have a nice day,


: Hello,

: I've written this for people that tell you should cut your hair. Feel free to edit this text if you have better ideas.

: I'm a guy with long hair and I speak to you who tells me “When you will cut your hair?”. I heard this sentence a thousand of times and you aren't the first nor the last to tell me this, so I don't care.
: Only, did you asked yourself the question of why I have long hair? Yes it's my choice to have them long.

: For some people, hair are just a fashion accessory, and they will cut them one day.
: But for others their hair are part of their body. When you say to someone to cut their hair it's like if you asked mutilate himself. His long hair are a part of his personality. This person feels good in their body. So, next time, think before critic someone on his hair length. And this hair length has nothing to do with his skills.

: I have long hair and I'm more tolerant than you, you have short hair it's your choice and I don't criticize it so be tolerant to me.

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