's been a long time! [PIC]

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Posted by gman (other posts) on February 02, 2021 at 09:50:05 Previous Next

Hey my longhair brothers! Man, itís been a long time since I last posted here. Well over a decade. Iíve been wanting to post here again for quite some time. I first joined this board back in 2006 when I was about 15 months into one of my grows. People here inspired me to keep growing my hair at a time when the awkward stage was driving me mad. After a while I went into lurker mode where Iíve stayed. I'm not a social media person nor post to message boards. This place has a special place in my heart, though. I'm embarking on another grow-out and felt it was time to participate again.

In the summer of 2010 I cut my long hair after growing for 5 years and only came here maybe a few times a year at most to read some posts. The past decade Iíve attempted to grow my hair out again a couple times, but life would happen such as getting new jobs and Iíd cut it. I actually grew my hair out for 20 months between 2018-2020, but ended up cutting it last August since I lost my job and needed to look for another one. Enough hairs wouldnít reach my ponytail and I didnít want the state of my hair to prevent me from getting a job. For this cut I used my old clippers and gave myself a buzz down to 1 inch. I thought of you, Ken (in SF), and your Y2K buzz when I did this...ha! This is where I began when I grew my hair starting in 2005. That time I went 43 months before I got my first trim to even the length all around. That was actually the funnest grow I ever did...buzzing it and just letting it grow naturally for a few years+. This last grow I trimmed the sides and back at about 4 months in because I wasnít planning on growing it long. Ultimately, I ended up letting it grow. What can I say...I don't like haircuts! I didnít really like how it grew after the trim and wasnít too upset when I buzzed it off. Currently, Iíve got just over 5 months of growth from the buzz and really want to let it grow out naturally again without trims. Iím still in-between jobs, but am hoping I land something soon before my hair starts to get really crazy (cowlicks...argh!!). The jobs Iím applying for should be longhair friendly, so Iím hopeful that growing my hair out wonít be a problem. I just donít look forward to wearing hats everyday again during the awkward phase. But, itís what will have to happen and itís not forever.

Anyway, itís good to see some of you ďold-timersĒ still around. Ken, Hairball, DavidN, Jason, nuttidave, MarkS and others. Very cool! I hope youíre all doing good! I was bummed when I read that Bill passed away, though. I miss that guy and his awesome pictures and travel stories. Iíve enjoyed seeing all the progress pictures, etc. Iíve seen from the rest of you on this board. Iím glad to see menís longhair is still happening. And, I look forward to being a LONG hair again, myself. Iím really glad the MLHH board has stuck around. The activity seems to have slowed down some compared to years ago. Still, Iím glad the board is still going. I was 33 when I first joined. Iím turning 48 this Spring. Crazy. Iíve posted a picture showing where my hair was a few months before I cut it in 2010. Iíd like to get back to that length again. Itís the longest Iíve ever had my hair. The picture on the right was back in September a month after buzzing it. Iíll post some updates as the growth continues. Well, thanks for reading and good luck to everyone on your journey to longhairdom. I hope everybody is doing good and staying safe out there.

Till next time...


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