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Posted by Georges Huard (other posts) on June 20, 2022 at 10:17:49 Previous Next

In Reply to: Summer '22 update... [PIC] posted by yoshiki on June 15, 2022 at 21:50:49:

: Hey all,

: It's been a while. Was riding my motorcycle out in the sandhills of Nebraska this last weekend when an older lady behind the counter at a COOP gas station had a fascination with my hair. Also been getting a lot of comments online from folks recently. I never show my face on the www, so most of the photos on the web are from behind (or with my face obscured). They (the online folks) have begun to argue with me that I'm a lady -- when I'm not... so that got me to wondering where things stood on "the journey" (hair growing journey) as of late. Been half a year or so since I've taken a real photo like this one here (attached)... so here it is ;p . Was pretty surprised to see that the length has finally hit mid-back -- which is a new milestone for me :) ... guess taking better of my hair does pay off in the long run xD .....

: Anywho, hope all of you are well, groovin' along in life and are enjoying this new renaissance of long-haired guys that I/we see all the time now ^_^ . Guess that we've all been men of long-haired pioneers - est. since the late '80s hahah (depending on age, fashion and period at time... some fashions a lot more short-lived than others and the late '80s - at least for me, seems like the real last time when short hair was a big mainstay, really ^_~ .....)~

: Sincerely,
: yoshiki :)

You look handsome,

I am now old enough to have seen, the first long hair trends, with the Beatles, and later the first hippies, and long hair presumingly going out of fashion in the eighties.

Grunge, and Metal, then LOTR fans, and even Versailles back in 2015, may have justified more men to try long hair.

Today, at 63 I still have long hair, and that since 1979, and I admire those who are consistant about keeping thair hair long, not just a tourist in the long hair journey.

Keep it growing :)

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