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Posted by PhilipZ (other posts) on September 11, 2016 at 10:49:30 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: 62 Month Hair Update posted by Jason on September 09, 2016 at 11:24:39:

: Great photo, Philip! I like that you not only post photos of your inspirational mane but I can see the artistry in the photos themselves. They really showcase your hair!

: You must be doing something right for your hair to look as healthy as it does right down to the ends. My challenge as my hair has gotten near waist-length in the past is that my lifestyle isnít particularly friendly to having very long hair. Iím an avid cyclist and I ride year-round in all temperatures. Iíve already ridden almost 5000 miles this year and that makes for a lot of outdoor exposure. I keep my hair braided so that helps but my hair has a very fine texture and that tends to make it more vulnerable. So, in the past, Iíve usually cut it once it gets past a certain point due to the damage. Iím really hoping to stick it out this time and reach terminal even if just for curiosityís sake.

: What are your favorite ways of protecting your very long hair?

Hi Jason,
thank you! What I would recommend is:
Being gentle and patient with it when combing and detangling.
Using protective hairstyles like a bun or better a braid regularly, I sleep with it in a loose side braid to avoid tangles.
I oil the ends in the morning and in the evening in order to give them more weight and to make them stay together in strands. Olive oil is fine but I switched to coconut oil because it is more liquid and it smells good.
When the hair is damaged, cut the damage.

Less is more: I don't use heat, no hair colour/dye and I prefer natural products with no "bad" ingredients. I find helpful for looking up products and their ingredients.
I have no experience with a conditioner that can be bought in the shops, but after washing I use a cider vinegar mix (1 liter cold water, 1 tablespoon cider vinegar, it is called "saure Rinse" in German). I dip in the ends and pour it over my head, leave it in for 1 minute and rinse it with just cold water. Some people don't rinse it out. I also read somewhere that cider vinegar is good if you have dry, flaky scalp. Or I use olive oil as a conditioner maybe twice a year.
I used to have natural shampoos with no sulfates and no silicones, then in December I switched to Aleppo soap which is like a dream, I'm very glad I found it. Because it makes the hair clean, soft and it's not irritating at all. The first two washes were an adjustment phase, my hair looked a bit greasy. But after that it works wonderfully. I can also recommend olive oil soap, it worked fine too, but I like Aleppo soap more. Mind: they both usually don't have perfumes, so they smell a bit special, but I got used to it.
I don't use supplements for hair and I try to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Also keep in mind that my hair has medium thickness, so I have no experience with thin hair. I guess you have to be very gentle and avoid mechanical stress even more.
I try not to wash more often than every 4 days. Of course, if you do sports every day, you will have to wash it more often. I heard that a healthy lifestyle (exercise, fresh air, healthy food) is also good for the hair! So you're doing good in that already. :) By the way, congrats on your nearly 5000 miles this year, that is impressive!

I think that's pretty much all good advice I have, I hope you're not finished off. Feel free to ask again if it is unclear (anyone). Good luck when going for terminal length, I think that is exciting!


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