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Posted by Trolleypup (other posts) on September 19, 2016 at 20:03:51 Previous Next

In Reply to: Need some encouragement brothers. posted by WadeGarret on September 19, 2016 at 03:14:03:

Disclaimer first: in San Francisco, over 50, very long somewhat wavy hair, probably up 90% of the time I am out.

: I been a longhair for roughly 3 years now. Hair is down to about my upper chest region.

: Well brothers, I have to say this has been difficult. 90% of the time I keep my hair up, when I go around town and do my daily tasks. Go to work, etc.

Nothing wrong with keeping your hair up, more protective, safer (esp if you work with machinery), more controlled...and leads to easier hair care and better growth.

: On the days I wear my hair down, I am treated 100% different. I get looks of scorn. People are afraid of me. People avoid eye contact. Now I usually keep my hair up most of the time, everyday, for the past several months.

OK, so when your hair is up, you present very differently...

: But on days I try to be "me" - Well; let the festivities stop. I'm treated more like a scoungrel, a bum, someone to avoid when the hair is down. Perhaps I should trim it. Not sure.

Or consider the style when it is down.

: When my hair is down, I look like a hells angels biker, or something. When it's up, I look like an Elvis presley, or Paul newman kinda guy.

So, the project will be to try to find a style with it down, or partly down, or something that looks sleeker or differently polished than Hells Angel.

: And now I'll talk about the ladies. With my hair up and tied back, I get significant positive response to them. When my hair is down. Forget it. I'm invisible and must be avoided. heh.

Possibly, see above. My best responses are hair down (not necessarily perfect, looking a bit scroungy...if you take best response as getting whistled at. Dressed better with down and preened is better than hair up. Mountain man facial hair is a minus.

: So brothers, truth is, I havn't really been having my hair down now for a long time, and I am wondering if I really am a "Long hair" on the inside. Perhaps I am not. Perhaps on the inside, I'm really a clean cut guy.

Clean cut, or simply a more polished look is not necessarily incompatible with long hair. It is how you wear your long hair, how you present yourself when your hair is down.

: Anyway needless to say it's been pretty difficult to maintain that longhair persona that I believe i am on the inside. Or do I believe I am that persona? It's hard to say. Lot of my idols are rock musicians fromt he 60's 70's and 80's. I had my hair long as a kid. The stigma wasn't that bad in the 90.s

: Being a male in my 30's, and walking through the store with my hair down, I'm treated like a complete outcast. A weirdo and a freak. Truth is I am kind of tired of feeling this way. It drains me energy to feel like a threat to people I'm around.

: Unfortunately I live in a city where alternative lifestyles aren't very encouraged. I live in an area where everyone are clean cut blue collar types. Lots of military. It's rough to be a long hair in this area.

: Need some words of encouragement and help. Some day I plan on moving to Los Angeles or another town where alternative lifestyles are more prevalent. But for now I keep my hair up. Any tips brothers?

If you pass, when your hair is up, then no shame in protective coloration, especially if you plan on moving to a better place.

It would be interesting to see pictures of you with the hair up and down. And probably be better able to make suggestions.

Anyway, good growing. The hair is for you, not the people around you.

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