Re: Check out what this dude says here about Masculinity

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Posted by Anthony (other posts) on November 29, 2016 at 15:14:01 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Check out what this dude says here about Masculinity posted by Josh on November 28, 2016 at 18:04:19:

There is quite a cultural difference between we Europeans and Americans, but in both, long hair is the symbol of the modern day Romantic (like the ones in the 1820's and thereabouts who reacted against both the old regime of the 18th century and the French Revolution) who revolts against authority when it is opposed to the objectives of justice and the common good. We are rebels against institutions that brought war and financed tyranny, whether in Europe in the 1930's or the "head-choppers" in the Middle East.

The left has become the right and the right has become the left. It is all the same, whether democrat or republican, conservative or labour, capitalist or socialist. I too am through with establishment politics and would welcome a "system reboot", preferably without anyone being killed, but all the bad and corrupt people going to prison and getting their heads shaved - men and women alike.

I am a late baby boomer, born in 1959, but I identify with the younger generations with freer thought than those who perhaps did not fully understand their combat in the 1960's (when I was a little child in northern provincial England).

I am wary of Trump, the unpredictable and vulgar billionaire, but his message was one of running down a system that was promoting war, exploitation of poor people, imperialist occupation of countries in other continents, the economic and human consequences of globalism and unelected bureaucracies. He is likely not to keep his electoral promises, but he might. Ordinary folk need jobs to live, and someone has to do something. The problem of all those immigrants pushed out of their countries by western atrocities and inhumanity needs to be solved at the root. Will Trump do it? I don't know, but someone has to.

Our long hair remains a symbol of revolt and our being ourselves, and that something is wrong with the "mainstream" establishment. Keep it growin'


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