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Posted by Anthony (other posts) on November 30, 2016 at 09:26:07 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: The Battle of being a Longhair posted by Long Hair In Albany on November 30, 2016 at 04:42:21:

It really depends on you and whether you want long hair or the "clean-cut" look of most men working for various medium and large corporations in manufacturing and services. Where I live, long hair on a man means 1960's left wing and something like the hippies. I have smoked tobacco, tried pot a couple of times with friends, enjoyed social drinks. My preferred music is "classical" - medieval to post-romantic. I decided to grow my hair at 54 years old and I'm still going. Most of the time, it is down and flowing, but I tie it up when it seems appropriate.

A translation agent called me today to ask me to do some interpreting for Renault between English-speaking suppliers and the French representatives, all about automatic systems in cars. Should I wear a suit and tie, tie a bun? I think I'll just go in corduroy trousers, a hoodie and a ponytail, and they can like it or lump it. I'm frankly not interested in the conformity stuff!

What matters is your own self-esteem and being the way you want. I don't like to see tattoos and piercings on people, but I have to respect those who have them. You don't have to conform to a perceived norm, except perhaps your job, and there are workarounds like low man buns and tightly brushed hair.

I think I'm fairly conservative for some things: the family, the value of our work and priority given to people earning their living and being able to find a job in their own country and afford housing. I am more nationalist than globalist, and I find many things in common with those now revolting against "establishment" politics. I believe in moral values.

But I believe in being a person, an individual, having one's identity, the notion of freedom in the respect of other people's freedom, the values of civilisation. Men had long hair before the silliness of the late Victorian era and the totalitarian 20th century and our own time. Long hair on men was perfectly normal in polite society before about the 1860's.

Be yourself and know that your freedom in matters of hair doesn't affect anyone else's freedom.

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