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In Reply to: Research posted by Alan on January 19, 2017 at 17:14:51:

Hey Alan,

I am a Catholic priest and I am sixty-one (61) years old. I have always admired long hair and I have wished that I could have long hair. I grew up being told that only girls have long hair. This message was given to me by my mother and reinforced by my father. The rest of society seemed to reinforce this view about the length of men's cranial hair. I accepted that this is the way it was.

I tried to be imaginative about how I might have long hair and hide it. In my late forties (40's) I bought a wig. I had the wig made to look like my natural hair in length, color, and texture. My thought was to wear my natural hair under the wig letting it grow unimpeded but no one would know what the true length of my hair was. After about two (2) or three (3) days someone asked me if I was wearing a wig. I confessed that I was.

In my late forties (40's) and early fifties (50's) I thought the while I would have my hair cut I asked the stylist to let the back of my hair grow and to just trim the ends. My thought was to hide the long hair under the collar of my shirt. My long hair was noticed and my superiors instructed me to cut it.

I discovered this hyperboard and other sites for men who desired and actually grew their hair long. I was impressed by the fraternity of the guys on this hyperboard and by the writing of J. Corssier. I decided to grow my hair out.

On Wed., Mar. 9, 2011 I had a gauge four (4) buzzcut. I let my hair grow naturally since then. I was fifty-five (55).

After about eight (8) I met my saw my two (2) brothers for the first time in three (3) years. They commented that I had long hair. I affirmed it and that was the end of that. It was not mentioned by them again.

After about eight (8) or nine(9) months some of my companions asked me if I wanted to get a haircut. I politely declined. When one (1) asked me why I didn't want to get I haircut I explained that I do not practice self-mutilation. I received a strange look. I started to wear my hair in a ponytail.

After about thirteen (13) months into my long hair journey a companion said that he would offer me this advise. He said that he will say it only once. Cut your hair.

After about eighteen (18) months into my long hair journey I saw a friend and a co-worker whom I had not seen for over two (2) years. He noticed my long hair in a ponytail. In concern he offered to take me to a barbar shop where he knew I could get a trim leaving my hair full. He offered to pay for the trim. I politely declined.

About two (2) years into my long hair journey a co-worker mentioned that God made some heads perfect while others he covered with hair. I should mention that this co-worker and another gentleman chose to shave their heads. When asked if I wanted to shave my head I politely declined. When asked why I did not want to cut my hair I responded that I do not practice self-mutilation. I was told that cutting my hair was not self-mutilation. One (1) day after this one (1) of these gentlemen asked me to shave his head with an electric razor. I obliged him. He asked me if I wanted him to cut my hair in the same way. I politely declined.

About three (3) years into my long hair journey my superior told me that if I was going to wear my hair long I would have to tie it back it keep it looking neat and non-offensive. This was something I had been doing since about eight (8) months into my long hair journey.

I visited an aunt whom I had not seen for a long time. I was now about four (4) years into my long hair journey. She was surprised by my long hair and supposed that I had not had it cut because I could not afford a hair cut. She brought me to see her hair stylist who speaks German. I speak German. I explained to him my feelings about my hair. he trimmed my hair and set it in an interesting configuration of a lower ponytail and a little locke-bun; a locke of my hair drawn out in the upper rear of my head and figured to look like the handle of a tea cup. My aunt liked it and was disappointed when I took it out.

That was the last time anyone said or did anything disparaging about my hair. It took over four (4) years into my long haired journey. I was fifty-nine (59) years old. Now my long hair is simply accepted.

Your long haired bro,


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