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Posted by elektros (other posts) on February 01, 2017 at 20:37:59 Previous Next

In Reply to: Research Part 2 posted by Alan on February 01, 2017 at 18:05:32:

: Thanks for the help with the first part of my research. Now I need one more favor. For my fellow long hairs that get grieved on for their long hair, I would like to know why you think people are like that to us. Is it because its "gay", or "girly", or some other reason? Most people I ask say it's gay or girly, but I want to know what the others around you think. So please, tell me why you think they treat us so poorly.

My son is gay and has long hair, but his BF doesn't, and we made a discovery this morning that my brother-in-law (wife's brother) is also gay. He had been married for two years and hadn't told us! We don't live in the same country, so that isn't quite as weird as you think, although very nearly. The BIL has short hair (although for all we know could have grown it - after all he didn't mention his marriage), and of course his husband I've never seen.

I get the distinct impression that about as many gay men have long hair as do straight ones, but that number is not that high. What? 5%? By the same token, probably not very many more women have short hair. But these numbers are high enough to be non-negligible and unremarkable.

It's more a criticism of sexism that it's still possible to use any hint of femininity as a slur for men. It's truly sad that society still sees it as a slur for a man to be compared with a girl. We've come a long way, but not far enough.

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