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Posted by Long Hair In Albany (other posts) on March 18, 2017 at 12:06:47 Previous Next

In Reply to: Am new here posted by Kevin0609 on March 18, 2017 at 10:45:08:

: Ok. I am new to having long hair (3 years out- too my shoulders now).
: Sorry for these questions that I am sure been covered a zillion times:

: How many people get "you need to get a haircut": "be a man"; "you would look better with short hair" "do you want to be a woman?" and other stupid inconsiderate phrases. I love my long hair. I keep it looking good.

: How often do members get such comments, and have they ever drove you to just give up and get it cut?

Welcome to long hair farming.

i'm 62 years old and started growing my hair long in 1964.
All these years later it is still long, it's all grey,
and it will remain long.

i got those comments alot when I was younger. Once I turned 45
the comments stopped.

They never drove me to give in and get it cut. Every time I got one of those comments I took it as an incentive to keep my long hair long and keep it growing.

I would also mention that around here there are very few women with hair longer than mine. A lot of women have gone with shorter hair lengths, some even going as far as buzz cuts.

The bottom line here, I have long hair and it will remain long until the day I die.

At 62 years old I don't care what others think, I'll wear my hair the way i want as long as i'm above ground.

: "you need to get a haircut"
no I don't.

: "be a man"
yes i'm being a man who happens to have long hair.

; "you would look better with short hair"
no I wouldn't.

'"do you want to be a woman?"
no I don' want to have short hair like a number
of women have now.

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