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Posted by Bob (other posts) on March 24, 2017 at 12:39:08 Previous Next

In Reply to: Am new here posted by Kevin0609 on March 18, 2017 at 10:45:08:

: Ok. I am new to having long hair (3 years out- too my shoulders now).
: Sorry for these questions that I am sure been covered a zillion times:

: How many people get "you need to get a haircut": "be a man"; "you would look better with short hair" "do you want to be a woman?" and other stupid inconsiderate phrases. I love my long hair. I keep it looking good.

: How often do members get such comments, and have they ever drove you to just give up and get it cut?

: Like I said I am new here and new to this so I am sure this has been discussed a time or 2 :)

: Thanks for any support!!

: Kevin

Welcome Kevin ----

I never had anyone say anything negative to my face about long hair, and I had it since about --- 1970-71 (I'm 58, I was a young long hair), maybe they may have spoken behind my back!

I will say in those early days, people that spoke to me would often look at my hair, not my face. Since around the early/mid 80's --- people look at my face when they talk to me, so I see that times have changed. Even things like tattoos, piercings, are not a big deal like 40+ years ago. Society in general has more tolerance, adaptable as a different generation coming up, not or parents generation.

Also I feel where you live matters even today. I live in the USA - New Jersey - close to NY, so really --- anything goes in NJ,NY.

But never trouble with work, past and current in-laws, family.

And there will always be foolish, biased individuals, if I ever come across that, I stay away.

I never had any reason to cut my hair, I like it long, I still have a full head of hair at 58, and I plan to take it to the grave with me !!

If you like your hair long -- take care of it, and wear it long!! As long as you are happy.


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