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Posted by Justin (other posts) on March 26, 2017 at 23:36:21 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: KEN STILL NOT HEARD FROM? *IMPORTANT* posted by Long Hair In Albany on March 26, 2017 at 16:15:42:

: : News Flash: YES, I KNOW. My Chromebook however is not a FULL BLOWN COMPUTER and I am *not* a Google member. Nothing can be stored, saved, uploaded etc. the way I use it.

: Wrong. it is a full blown computer (it has a celeron processor, uses the Chrome Operating System.) It is a basic computer.

*Good. How about trading it in for yours?

: It should be noted that your internet service provider
: tracks everything you do, and you do use google when you post your Youtube videos. And you are served their ads when you visit various sites.

* I KNOW that everything gets tracked. That is a no brainer. I refused to join *Google plus* while everyone else bit for the bait as all of the Sheeple were rounded up for Googles so-called glorious experience. Many now are very sorry for having jumped in. And of my own videos since 2008? These ARE now uploaded at the town library and directly through the *original way* via YT. NOT via Googles plus method! I have nothing stored in one of their lofty clouds. I am also not fond of criminal organizations which Google has proven to be a number of times in the past.

: : With that hopefully cleared up, just what were you yourself doing in at least "trying" to find out about Ken to make sure that he was safe and nothing had happened to him?

: I had no way to contact him except through this site. I*m many miles away from San Francisco. Other than this site I have no
: contact information.

*Here is how it is done. It is very simple.

1. Call information (503) 555 - 1212.) Ask for the state of Ca. and for San Francisco.

2. Give the name of the person you want to contact. This can be done just about worldwide, so in reality there is no excuse in at least "trying" to contact another human being that possibly could have been in trouble.

3. Within a minute you have the number, or find out that the number no longer exists, or has been listed as private. But, at least this is a start.

So see, you could have EASILY tried to find out something "if you really wanted to" despite located many miles away. I live closer, but it is still a very long full day of hard driving to get there. Something like 8-12 hours 500 - 600 miles away) from where I live.

Guess I have heard about enough from you. If you desire to Nit pick with someone else in the future, so be it.......but, stay away from me!!! Again, I desire nothing more to do with you. I am very thankful and relieved that now we know that Ken is safe and well and where he is, which *WAS THE REASON* I posting what I did. I *Wasn't* posting about my Chromebook even if it was currently growing long hair.

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