Re: My apologies for being so absent!

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Posted by BruceJ (other posts) on April 13, 2017 at 18:13:25 Previous Next

In Reply to: My apologies for being so absent! [PIC] posted by Ken in SF / AKA ''Urban Cowboy'' on April 06, 2017 at 22:27:37:

Good to hear from you Ken. I'm sorry to hear that you've had stress in your lives this past year. Hopefully with your partner's reinstatement you can put that behind you.

I wasn't concerned for one second that you cut your hair. The expression "Snowballs chance in hell" comes to my mind when I consider that!

Keep it flowing!

: Hello hairy people!

: No worries, I'm fine -- just been ridiculously busy the past several months. I sincerely apologize for causing any concern by being so absent from here; but as John Lennon once said (at least I think it was him), "Life is what happens while you're making other plans."

: When my home computer died in October of last year, and my partner researched the problem on his iPhone, the estimated cost to repair our computer was around $700 - $800 -- money we just didn't have (my partner is disabled, but Disability simply dropped him without explanation). At stressful times like this, I basically shut down: "If I lived the first 50 years of my life without a computer, then I can live without one now!!" And so, I let my computer go dark (and STAY dark)...

: I've also had a major job change (yet still work for the same company) -- my first-ever sit-down desk job!! So my focus has been elsewhere, trying to learn my new job responsibilities as best I can. (I haven't even had time to "lurk" here!)

: Some very good news though, as of just today: my partner just got word from the law firm working on his Disability case, and we were thrilled to hear that yes, he has just been reinstated! It's been approximately a full year since Disability dumped him out in the cold, leaving me to have to shoulder the full financial responsibility of paying all of the household bills.

: As far as our favorite topic, HAIR, goes: nothing has changed with me -- my hair is still at terminal length (approximately belt-length), although at the very bottom it sure seems quite thin down there! I'll try to attach the pic that I used to use as my avatar photo, which went with my old email address (which I'm unable to access, so I have a new, work-related email address). The old email used to be: ""; but don't bother trying to write me there, unless you don't mind turning as grey as I am now (LOL)!

: The Board of Directors here and the Moderating Crew are welcome to write me at my new email address; but in general, because the only way I can access my emails is from my work computer, I ask everyone else to please not write me personally -- just communicate with me here on MLHH.

: A big THANK YOU to Mark (AKA "Hairball") for letting everyone here know last week that I'm perfectly OK, just had not been on the hyperboard for a long time.

: The attached pic is from January of 2012 I believe, and has been my avatar pic ever since (and my big "secret" re. how my hair can look so realistically naturally blonde, instead of the silver-white that it really is, is that I took the photo in very later afternoon, when the sunlight is the most golden-orange it can get - LOL)....

: Long Lox 4ever,
: Ken in San Francisco

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