Women's Attitudes Towards Men with Long Hair

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Posted by doninisrael (other posts) on October 08, 2017 at 22:55:34 Previous Next

Hey, Gang...

This morning I had in my FB feed a link posted by a young twenty-something woman (she's a friend of my daughter) whose title was 'A Good Barber is Like a Plastic Surgeon.' Since I had a few minutes free, I thought 'what the hey' and clicked on it. It showed a series of before-and-after pictures of men who had had long hair (and in a number of cases, beards) and, after some barber's ministrations, shorter hair: in most cases, downright 'short,' and some kind of 'fade' cut. (I saw whitewalls on all but the African-American models...smooth black-walls in those cases.) Where the model had facial hair in the 'before,' in the 'after' it was invariably trimmed back considerably, and shaped.

My first thought was that, in almost each case, the guy looked better in the 'before' picture, although a number of them were posed with the guy's hair mussed up or otherwise arranged to try to make the 'before' as unattractive as possible.

But since this link had been shared by a young woman who is herself something of a non-conformist, it just got me to thinking. (I know, a dangerous proposition...) In this day and age, with women feeling free (as well they should!) to wear their hair any length that pleases them, including shaved completely off, and dyed in outrageous colors as well, as an expression of how they want to look, why is there this residual need to see men put in a box appearance-wise, in particular regarding hair length?

I'm married and not on the prowl, and I'm retired and not looking for work. But I see - and read, from what many of you post here - that men are regularly hampered in their ability to connect with the other 50% of humanity, as well as sometimes to find meaningful employment, if they 'push the envelope' with and out-of-the-box appearance.

Has anybody thought deeply about this? Or perhaps even better, discussed it with women? I would be curious to hear insights.

Dennis Prager, a frequent commentator on society and trends, points to the tendency of women and girls to show acres of bare flesh, and the tendency of men to mostly (or perhaps altogether) eschew hair and sport whiskers, as symptomatic of the disappearance of unique gender roles today, and the male and female's desire to differentiate themselves from one another through the only means they feel they have. I have no way to confirm or deny this, but when I hear of the attitudes of women who want only to see their men shorn in a conventional manner while not feeling beholden to convention themselves, Prager's words begin to make some sense.

Look, even as I write this it seems trivial against the momentous events that we witness almost every day, at least recently. Even so, it sticks in my craw...and these kinds of issues are, after all, why this forum is such a great support network for those of us with outdoor plumbing who insist on wearing long hair.

Thoughts? Let 'er rip, and thanks in advance...


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