Re: Some Spiritual and Energetic Difference in being a Longhair.

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Posted by Anthony (other posts) on December 26, 2017 at 02:31:50 Previous Next

In Reply to: Some Spiritual and Energetic Difference in being a Longhair. posted by Wade Garret on December 25, 2017 at 14:53:54:

Some of this kind of thing can be autosuggestion, but I don’t have the experience of having short hair after long hair.

The traditional symbolism of long hair is found in most civilisations, western civilisation until the early 19th century being no exception. I do remember as a child that I wanted my hair long and felt “numbed” when I had haircuts. I am certainly different in the matter of sensitivity, since I have Aspergers – recently diagnosed by a specialised unit here in France. I keep saying to myself that I can’t imagine how other people feel (both emotions and the sense of touch). Aspergers / autism people are reputed to be hyper-sensitive, but not always in the same way.

Difficulties in my marriage from about 2013 made me look into the possibility of Aspergers, and it was the time I decided on long hair. Things have calmed down a lot with my wife lowering her expectations in terms of “being in love” and showing it. I have always been sensitive to explained feelings in places. My most powerful experience was in Oradour sur Glâne where the Nazis butchered the whole population in 1944 – I couldn’t wait to get away from the agony and sadness. But, I had short hair.

The entire sensation of having long hair is different, but the growing is slow. In my case 4 years from crew cut to mid-back. If someone touches my hair, even lightly, I feel it, but that could be all of us.

I have always been intrigued by the difference between western and eastern (Orthodox) monks. The former have their heads shaves in a symbol of slavery and obedience. The eastern Orthodox monk has long hair and a beard, and the ideas are quite different. The sensation on the scalp is increased by long hair, but it certainly depends on the rest of us, our philosophy of life, our psychological condition and sensitivity to spiritual things.

You write sincerely, and this is an interesting account of human experience that is difficult to describe. Some of us are matter-of-fact and others are more curious about things beyond everyday life. Diversity is essential.


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