Re: Winter in the Holy Land

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Posted by doninisrael (other posts) on January 10, 2018 at 08:15:48 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Happy December posted by Native Carolinian on January 02, 2018 at 14:55:51:

Dear Native,

We're having a mild winter here. Last week we had a little wind and cold, nothing like what you folks have been dealing with in the US, but today it was breezy and 23 degrees Celsius (about 73 Farhenheit) in Tel Aviv, where I was for most of the day.

Yes, I've read that a new train station is to be named after President Trump. He's rather popular here, as you can imagine! The Israeli Left likes him no more than the Left in the the US or the rest of the Western World, but they're perhaps less apoplectic about it...

G-d knows what will be the end of the story in Iran. I don't know if that country will ever threaten Israel with nuclear weapons, but there is a very present and real threat of Iranian manipulation of pro-Assad forces in Syrian, right on Israel's northern border. With Jordan relatively friendly, and Egypt more so all the time, Syria is the last of the 'confrontation states' to cause us worry. Gaza will always be a thorn in our side, but unlikely to be an existential threat. The Palestinians are less a threat than a challenge for the respective peoples to find the leadership with the vision to work out the remaining sticky points. So Syria/Iran is definitely receiving the full attention of the best strategic thinkers here. Thank G-d there is now good chemistry between Jerusalem and Washington.

Okay, enough hand-wringing! I'm about to post a periodic update separately. Only be well...


: Happy New Year, Mozel Tov 2018, Shalom. Thank you for your kind reply. I had a chance to read it but not really a chance to follow up to it. Thank you for telling me you have no problem on my bringing Christian books and icons into your home, I just wanted to pass that one by you. Thank you for the offer to accompany me to Jerusalem. I really appreciate it.

: I read recently that the officials in charge of high speed rail planning in Israel are deciding to possibly name a train station at the Western Wall after Donald Trump in honor of his moving the capital from Tel-Aviv-Yafo to Jerusalem in U.S. foreign policy. The way things are going in Iran, the current Islamic Republic may have to change its own Levantine diplomacy a little if it wants to remain the Islamic Republic. As it is, it would be nice to see them push the Ayatollah into the Sea.

: If it is the will of Adonai Eloheinu, then I hope to be able to be there in Israel to see everything.

: Hope the weather in your part of Israel is much warmer than the cold Winter which is happening in much of the United States at the moment. Best Wishes.

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