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Posted by Long Hair In Albany (other posts) on February 19, 2018 at 12:01:19 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Gender posted by Hairball on February 19, 2018 at 11:11:18:

: : Hi Mark,
: : We can thank(?) social media for much of the negative news we hear nowadays. Heck I'm going through a divorce now because of it. So sad.

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: Hey Ted,

: Wow,what a bombshell this is to hear and so sad at the same time!To be honest, I find most social media to be destructive and facebook tops that list in my opinion.Unlike here at MLHH where I made real friends that I actually met in person I can't say the same about FB. It was especially evident after this last presidential election cycle.Really, I'm so sorry to hear about this Ted.I don't know what gets into people anymore :(

: MÔrk

No it is not social media. People on social media are only echoing
what they hear their uncle say (at family gatherings), what Rush Limbaugh and others spew on right wing hate radio, and on Fox News. This hatred was spewed long before Facebook, twitter, and others. Heck alot of this hatred was spewed back in the 60s and 70s, long before the internet. (Very few of you are old enough to remember when Nixon was president during the Viet Nam war era.
Also much of this hatred can be traced back even earlier. Go back and read about World War 2 and earlier the hatred of various minorities. The US of A has a long history in this regard. And it predates when Mark Zuckerberg was born, much less when he created facebook at Harvard.

I would also mention that social media is great for keeping in touch with old friends from the past. (I've reconnected with a number of friends from college who I haven't seen 35 years. It also serves the purpose keeping up on friends who have died, news about what is going on with people, etc. (I've now heard about close to a dozen friends who have died through facebook. I also heard news like our (college) outing club lodge in New Hampshire which burned down
three years ago. ) And a number of friends on facebook now live thousands of miles away.

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