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Posted by BlueBeard (other posts) on February 25, 2019 at 07:56:57 Previous Next

In Reply to: When does the awkward phase end? posted by Avi on February 24, 2019 at 04:52:43:

: Hey guys,
: Haven't posted in a while- school got busy again. I hope everyone is doing well :)
: I'm having an issue as of late with my hair, and I was hoping you all could help. I began growing my hair out last year(my last haircut was March of 2018), as growing my hair long has been a lifelong dream of mine since I was a young kid. It's been 11 months so far, and sadly I'm still stuck in the awkward phase. I constantly get comments from people about how dirty and messy I look, and how I should get it cut. It really hurts my feelings because long hair is something I really want, but I don't have a thick skin and people hurt me easily with their mean comments. I just want to be through the awkward phase to the point where my hair looks genuinely good, and nobody can insult it because it doesn't look dirty or messy anymore. How long will it be until I'm done with the awkward phase?
: If you need pics of my hair I can provide them.
: Thanks a lot as usual :)
: Avi
Like was said, when you can get it in a ponytail and the weight of your hair keeps it down. How long this takes depends on your hair growth rate which is typically 1/2" per month. Bill had said that this is around 9 inches which is a year and a half (18 months) if you shaved your head. But where did you start from? If you started at 2-3 inches like I did last month then you are looking at 12-14 months.

That's if you have no hair growth or scalp balding conditions. I have the latter and have been cleaning my scalp a couple times a week with diluted apple cider vinegar and doing herbal tea rinses in between for a couple weeks now and seeing a bunch of baby hairs. Hopefully these survive. If they do than I'll put a detailed web page together explaining how I overcame male pattern baldness (a scalp peel with willow tree bark acid should be done first and every 2 weeks after that). I'm also seeing people say that the pH of everything going on your head should be 5-7. The apple cider vinegar with water is around 6.

Here's an excerpt from Bill's Longhair page:

Almost everyone's hair grows at about half an inch (1.25 cm) per month, though some guys will experience growth at as little as half that rate, and a few lucky men will see twice that or more. The usual growth rate works out to six inches (15 cm) per year. To really begin to look longhaired, you'll need at least nine inches (23 cm) of hair, so you are probably looking at a transition period of a year and a half. That is also about the length at which you can put your hair into a ponytail, a milestone of passage for many. Most longhairs do not want to stop there, of course; many want about twice that length. This means your total growing out project will probably take two to four years.

Hope this helps!


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