Re: How has having long hair affected your dating life?

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Posted by native carolinian (other posts) on October 07, 2019 at 12:17:47 Previous Next

In Reply to: How has having long hair affected your dating life? [PIC] posted by Avi on October 06, 2019 at 05:01:17:

: Hey guys,
: For those of you that don't know me, I'm a pretty young guy, having been born in 2001 so I'm only 18. A lot of you are much older so I wanted to ask some advice from you- how has long hair affected your dating life? I personally have wanted long hair since a very young age and I'm very attached to it, so I would never cut it. That being said, I am starting to worry that my hair is affecting my dating life as I'm never really able to see anyone at this point. I will attach a picture of me/my hair in case that would help, but I guess it does make me look very feminine(I'm ok with that, but I wish it wouldn't affect my dating life). Any advice for how I can deal with that? I understand that where I live would also affect my luck dating, as different regions have different preferences(I live in College Station, Texas).
: Thanks :)

In all seriousness, I would worry more about doing you than worrying about whether women find long hair on men appealing. What I mean by that is define who you are, and the right kind of women will find you. Many young women are not looking for cookie cutter any more and the definition of cookie cutter is changing.

Don't sweat it too much. Maybe date Native American women or try to do so. Long hair on a man says manliness and confidence. I feel more like a man when my hair is long. I pay attention to how I look and keep kempt better. I do not do this with short hair. I just wash and go. If other guys react negatively to your longer hair, they probably are not comfortable with themselves and cannot at this time see you as anything but a threat. This means they will react in ways to denigrate you in front of each other and in front of women. Hang in there. Long hair is a great and beneficial filter to find the right women to marry who are not basal. It also filters out the men who do not need to be your friends.

Long hair on a man can indicate that he is more sensitive in some ways than other men. 20% of the male population are what is known today as Highly Sensitive People. I am one of them. Men with longer hair tend to be more sensitive I think than the general population. Native American men are frequently misunderstood as "gay" if they have long hair and are sensitive by white men and women, as well as black men and women. This is not the case however. In the history of the Americas, our native american cultures have historically valued sensitive men and have taught us men how to be sensitive without taking a woman's place in society. Europeans seem to have not done this too well. They seem to have taken Christianity and warped it to suite their needs. In any case, the aforementioned populations seem to not have as many men and women who are comfortable with sensitive men. Native American women are comfortable with sensitive men. Sensitive men in native american cultures tend to highly masculine and tend to be warriors when needed, so they are not "soft" in the white sense of being soft.

You seem like a highly sensitive man. Congratulations on being you. I do not mean this in a snarky way at all, just learning to accept who you are and how your brain is wired is a big accomplishment. Being a Highly Sensitive Person is how you are wired according to present understanding of the brain. I know that people from the Sub-Continent seem to value sensitive men highly in many of their cultures. I see this as no problem. I appreciate it in fact.

I need to go at the moment, but what I will say in closing is, to the best of your ability ignore the bullies, because even adults can be bullies. Report any threats, bullying or sexual harassment to Campus Security and go above the low level Campus Security personnel if you feel that they are not responding adequately or correctly to your complaints. Who knows, a campus-wide discussion on sensitive men and culture may start and it may lead to an improvement in campus relationships across the board, not just romantic relationships.

Be well.

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