Starting to feel discouraged... considering a haircut :(

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Posted by Avi (other posts) on May 11, 2020 at 01:06:47 Previous Next

Hey all... hope this post finds you well and healthy, safe at home from COVID.

Sitting at home has given me a lot of time to think and reflect and I'm starting to lean toward getting a haircut for some reason. Maybe it's the result of being inside for too long continuously but... just thought I'd post and try to get my thoughts out to the only people who'd understand them, you guys.

I've known I've wanted long hair since a very young age, I remember knowing this at about age 2 or 3 even. I couldn't grow it out for a long time because of conservative parents, but once I turned 18 I finally began and now I'm at about nipple length, have been growing for 2 years at this point.

The goal is to grow to hip/classic length, which should take about 2-3 more years by my estimate. I made it out of the awkward phase about a year ago so I'm definitely not discouraged by that in particular.. it's a bunch of other factors.

For one, I think the fact that even after two years I'm nowhere near my target length has gotten to me and is discouraging me. I think if I were there already I would be perfectly happy, but waiting takes a toll on me- I have a form of ADHD and just am jumpy/impatient in general as a result.

I'm also starting to feel like I just looked better with short hair rather than long hair. That's obviously something left up to opinion but I can leave some pics so you guys can understand what I mean. Obviously things might be different if my hair was longer but as of now its not very long. At greater lengths maybe I could do a striking sephiroth type look but who knows...


Also, I haven't figured out how to style my hair at all. I haven't figured out the manbun nor any other style that looks good on me... I would ask my female friends but at this point I can't because of the lockdown.

This one will sound stupid, but dating/sex has been way harder with long hair. I would fairly frequently get attention from girls when I had short hair but now it's almost never. As a young guy in my late teens it's difficult to go without sex for long periods of time, no matter what the media says about abstinence culture and such. There's no denying that having longer hair has worsened my dating life. That's something that many of us have dealt with and I was aware going into this but I didn't realize just how hard it might hit.

Overall, I'm not going to make a rash decision here. I probably still will not be going back to short hair in any case but I just wanted to put this out there and get it off my chest because it had been bothering me, and I wanted to hear what others thought and if they had been through similar things. I need to be careful and think anything through before I do something I regret. I'd love to hear from you and your experiences so I can make the proper choice for myself.

At the moment, what I'm thinking is to give it about another year, and if it still isn't working out well for me then I'll make the chop. That's not a concrete plan but just something I've been mulling over. But as I said, I want to hear everyone's thoughts and think about it properly before I do anything stupid.

I really appreciate you all! Hope you're staying safe and well!

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