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Posted by Ken in SF (other posts) on October 16, 2020 at 10:25:49 Previous Next

In Reply to: Text for people that tells you should cut your hair posted by Jesus Forain on October 16, 2020 at 07:04:46:

: Hello,

: I've written this for people that tell you should cut your hair...

Hi Jesus,

No worries about us here agreeing with you and being on your side!

People who make abusive and nasty comments, besides being very narrow-minded, simply don't know how to follow the wise old sage advice, "Mind your own damn business!"

Text messaging negative comments to people, regardless of whether young or old, requires a certain degree of cowardice -- if somebody REALLY & TRULY feels strongly about an issue (ANY issue), the proper and mature way to tell somebody something is to say it directly to their face. But, when it comes to people's physical appearance, most folks have been taught from a very early age that physical differences should always be a non issue. Again, "mind your own business"; plus also social tolerance and acceptance of human differences, -- including embracing racial, religious, socio-economic differences, as well as language and someone's national origin, etc. -- is truly the only way that all of us will ever be able to get along and live in peace on this planet.

Often intolerant and rude text messages are just some pitiful person's desperate attempt to bring you down -- so that maybe their nasty comments will help their own sad ego feel "superior" to you? Who knows...

My advise is as follows:
*IF* you feel you absolutely must respond to them, then I suggest you keep your answers SHORT... Why waste your time talking to idiots??

The simpler and more strait-to-the-point, the better the reply. Here are a few examples of comments I have said myself over the years:
1) Silence...
2) "Because I like it long!"
3) "So, if I cut my hair short, does that mean I have to look as bad as you?"
4) "Long?"
5) "OMG, last week I had a buzz-cut -- how the heck did this happen?!!"
6) " F*** YOU!"
7) Just staring back, eyebrows lowered in seriousness, showing them my disgust / disapproval (but refraining from making any verbal comment at all)....

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