Winter 2020 update (come on 2021!)... [PIC]

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Posted by yoshiki (other posts) on December 06, 2020 at 04:57:29 Previous Next

Hey all,

Been over half a year since I've posted an update here (hah, that rhymes ;p !). Earlier this spring, there was a discussion on this board about barbers/hair stylists and whether to trust them or not. I took the stance that if you have a good one that you can trust, then all would be good. Man was I wrong ;p ! About a week after that thread, I had my first trim in a good while due to the pandemic. My ends were pretty damaged (away from regular trims - pandemic), so the hair stylist looked when I got there and said she'd only cut about two inches off. I swear it was four ;o !... lesson learned xD (you always know when a hair stylist has done something wrong when they hand you the mirror and immediately start defending themselves ~o~; !). Went from hair halfway down my back to just barely below the shoulders. Oh well ;o . . . . .

Distant history now ;p .

Mor recently and again - due to the pandemic, I began to again pull out a lot of hair due to split ends. My wife has been offering to trim my hair for over a year now, but I never trusted her to do it (after all, she is the one who did chop off my hair about five years ago in a fit of rage . . .). After my last experience with the hair stylist, having seen the job my wife does trimming the kids' hair, not wanting to pull out any more hair and not wanting to chance going out during the current covid surge, I decided to take a chance with her and have her do it - why not ;p ?... and what do you know - she didn't do too bad of a job ^^ ! She only took an inch (or less off), I believe :) .

She also introduced me to some leave-in conditioner. I've never really taken much good care of my hair until late... and to my surprise, my wife is now helping me with putting in the conditioner, too ;D (which I do every two nights -- I think she just wants my hair to look halfway decent - probably why ;p ). Funny stuff - the conditioner makes my hair straight on the first night and then back to naturally wavy on the second... go figure ;p .

The attached was taken a few days ago and not too long after the first trim she gave me. I am a bit surprised with how it looks - pleasantly surprised, actually :) (I thought it would be a lot worse off than it really is). I haven't regained all of the length that I lost this spring - but man, my hair is in much of a better place than it was a half a year agi :) ... pretty happy ^^ !

Anywho, I hope you all are staying safe 'n healthy during this dark winter and happy 2021 in advance ^^ !... it can't get here soon enough ;p !

Cheers all ^_^ ~

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