Going beyond classic lenght

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Posted by JoŃo David (other posts) on January 17, 2021 at 11:45:58 Previous Next

Hello everyone!

I don't really post much anymore however I'm an oldie on the forum and some will remember me I guess ^^
Last year I decided to go a full year without trims to see what my hair would do. I also started using different hair products and internalized a peaceful benign neglect point of view towards my hair while also oiling it more often.
Now that the new year started I was supposed to get a little trim, especially since I was already aware my hair had grown a bit longer than classic length so my plan I guess was to then maintain it there for a while. But I realized - it actually grew perhaps a solid two inches past classic! And although I am far from happy with my ends as far as thickness goes, I am definitely not unhappy with the health of my hair. The frequent oiling has definitely helped the condition overall and also some of the thickness has travelled down. I remember my hair used to be transparent from waist down, and now it's full all the way to tailbone length (which is actually a favourite length of mine).
As such, I have decided to try on another year with no trims. Perhaps I will meet my terminal length, or even better, I will creep closer to knee length, which was my original, albeit fantasy, goal. We will see, but it is exciting! I have definitely been getting more comments on my hair, even always wearing it in a braid, but mostly people comment on how long it is and they tell me it looks very healthy so this has to be a good sign =)

I just thought I'd leave this small update. I don't really photograph my hair anymore as I'm never happy with it in pictures but I have to take one for the record, as it's never been longer than this! For a short term goal, here's to fingertip length!

Thank you for reading me! Happy growing everyone!

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