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Posted by nativecarolinian (other posts) on March 27, 2022 at 14:29:32 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: Greetings again [PIC] posted by Jennifer on March 27, 2022 at 04:38:27:

: I think itís so important for Native men and women to keep their hair long. My grandfather(Ute) was forcibly removed from his home, and forced to live with another family who was of course white. He never really talked much about that time in his life, but he did tell us about how he didnít cooperate with his long hair being chopped off, he was literally held down as they cut his hair. That experience was so traumatic for him, he said it was if his soul had been taken. So, after hearing this as a child I decided that I would always keep my hair long, as a way to honor my grandfather. I know itís different for a woman, but it hasnít always been fashionable to have waist length hair, and even now as a 40 year old woman I still have beautiful long hair down to my waist. I think itís awesome that youíve decided to keep your hair long. I find long hair on men to be very sexy- not at all effeminate.

Greetings may it be well with you.

Thank you for the post and thank you for being willing to share your grandfather's story. He was a strong boy and I am sure a strong man. To me, whether one is woman or man with long hair, it still honors the struggle of the ancestors for what they did to help their people. I am Conestoga, we still are here speaking our Conestoga Language and carrying forward our Conestoga Culture ways. We have been called "Susquehannock" by English speakers, but we call ourselves Conestoga. Our name has a lengthy translation, so I am not going to translate. Our men have always had hair length in survival length after the Conestoga Massacre of 1763. We are re-emerging publicly after hiding in plain sight since 1763. We are still in our original traditional homeland. Last year it became safe to be public about ourselves with the passage of the non-discrimination amendment to the constitution of the state that occupies most of our unceded homeland. Now I can keep my hair at the length I want it because I am protected by the new amendment. This is the first time since 1763 that we Conestoga have equal treatment under the law since 1763. It is such a relief. Some battles are emotional and spiritual rather than physical, and our Conestoga have made it to equal treatment and are beginning to win that war.

May it be well with you.

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