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Posted by PhilipZ (other posts) on February 02, 2017 at 14:49:22 Previous Next

In Reply to: Research Part 2 posted by Alan on February 01, 2017 at 18:05:32:

: Thanks for the help with the first part of my research. Now I need one more favor. For my fellow long hairs that get grieved on for their long hair, I would like to know why you think people are like that to us. Is it because its "gay", or "girly", or some other reason? Most people I ask say it's gay or girly, but I want to know what the others around you think. So please, tell me why you think they treat us so poorly.

Hi Alan,
I find the research idea interesting about long haired men in society. I have a few thoughts on why some people (mostly men) are negative about guys with long hair, some of them I might have read on this board.

Where I grew up men with long hair are a minority different from the norm. And I think it is a general thing to hurt and make fun of minorities. I haven't studied psychology but I think some people feel better about themselves and stronger if they can put other people down. I think biologically this could be interpreted as practicing how to fight and maybe gaingin a better status in society, too.
Particular for guys with long hair, I think sexuality plays a major role. I've heard of the idea that if heterosexual men find things attractive on women, they don't want to see them on men. This makes sense from a biological point of view, because two men can't mate.
Yeah, so I think it all comes down to reproduction. However, the way you are raised makes a huge difference! People with traditional values tend to hate it more and show their hatred. Openminded people don't hate it.

I like long hair, so I have long hair.


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